A self-taught

Since early childhood, Arestakes developed a powerful attraction towards manual and practical work. He was born in Yerevan, Armenia, on April 10, 1957, to French parents.

Arriving in France in 1969 at the age of 12, Arestakes had already started manufacturing objects in wood, aluminum wire and more.

As an autodidact with curious nature, lover of architecture, masonry, carpentry and many other techniques and various professions, Arestakes never stopped seeking and discovering the field of art.

Some highlights

Chartist since 4 years of the quality charter of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Val-de-Marne and a winner of the 1st 4 AS trophy in 2012.

Presentation of the “monumental Aznavour” sculpture to Mr. Charles Aznavour for his 80th birthday (low relief portrait made in stone). Meeting with Mr. Charles Aznavour at the backstage of Palais des Congrès after the evening of the General.

Creation and production of an original artwork in stone representing the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Artwork given to Jean Tibéri. Member of the artists’ jury of the 5th arrondissement of Paris since several years.

Delivery of the bronze bust of Henri Mondor to the HENRI MONDOR hospital in Créteil 94000

Public performance-art: creation of busts using photograph of Pierre Guergadic, the creator of the Lorient. Delivery of the bronze bust for the festival headquarters.

Creation of the original trophy for the Russian Vesna film festival. Presented to the director and CEO of Mosfilm, Karen Shakhnazarov, during the festival.

Invited to the Senate by Mr. Lucien Lanier (1st deputy of Val-de-Marne and former deputy of Île-de-France) and his wife Mrs. Lanier, for the presentation of the bust of Mr. Lanier made by Arestakes.

Invited several times on AYP fm radio (99.5) for interviews and news.

Inauguration of the ARESTAKES Arts gallery in 2007, located on rue Domat 75005 PARIS (Arestakes departed from the gallery since he did very little time to manage it).

Invited to exhibit a large part of his artworks among the painters of the ADAM association at the André Malraux media library in Maisons-Alfort 94700.

1st prize in the professional sculpture competition at Music Arts 2002 taken place at the Soisy/Enghien racecourse (95th region). Performance-art of a child bust (work given to the city). Then invited to exhibit at the orangery of Soisy-sous-Montmorency (95230 region).

What’s more

Member of the sculpture jury in Soisy-sous-Montmorency (95230 region) as part of the 5th Music Arts festival.

Invited on several occasions to exhibit his artworks at the Nelly Rothman space at the Henry Mondor hospital in Créteil 94000.

Invited to participate in the Joinvillais artists’ fair in the town hall of Joinville Le Pont 94340 region.

Invited to exhibit his sculptures and low-reliefs at the Lavoir de Carrières-sur-Seine 78420 region. Exhibition organized by the Bords de Seine School, (towpath).

1st prize for sculpture 2011 in Maisons-Alfort at the Debussy theater 94700.

Several times member of the jury of Maisonnais artists.

Ar’Home Marble

Marble for Ar’Home available in the collection of artworks. Creation for the Ar’Home residence.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn bust using photographs – 2019


Profession Sculptor Practitioner
Production for the 25th Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF) competition.
Sculpture technique with focusing machine – Reproduction of Michelangelo’s Brutus, in Siliceous Carrara marble.

Sucy-en-Brie Castle

Creation of the Sucy-en-Brie Castle in low-relief, commissioned by the Town Hall – Patinated Terracotta – in 2007

Franck Benito

My friend’s visit to L’Acedémie de la Grande Chaumière, Franck Benito the Grandmaster in crystal making. Presenting my work of sculpted sturgeon intended for Hornet a Cristal Benito caviar cup for Caviar Kaspia, Madeleine square.

Other art works I created for Cristal Benito include the sturgeon sculpture and the elephant group:

Click on the image to see the artwork

Bust of Franck Benito in 2010 which I created in clay.


Eve’s twisted body energetically coming out of Mount Ararat.
Synthetic imaginary artwork, without modeling or model.
Made from siliceous Carrara marble, direct and freehand carving.

My exhibition at 148 Hall

My exhibition in 2017 at 148 exhibition hall in Alfortville (94th region)

Gallery Arestakes Paris 5th arrondissement

Tembre MOF Launch for its 100th anniversary

Arestakes together with some other Best Craftsmen in France (Meilleur Ouvriers de France) invited to this occasion at the Le Carré D’Encre Store on March 3, 2023.

The Empress

Creation of Artwork in marble.

Jury member of the Best Apprentices in France

Arestakes member of jury of Best Apprentices in France, May 2023 (MAF), in the profession of stonemason.

Monte Melkonian

Performance-art : creation of the mask of Monté Melkonian.

Dedication organized by AFA – Alliance Franco-Armenian of Val-de-Marne – December 2021 – at 148 hall in Alfortville (94th region).

Alexander’s Foot

Alexander’s Foot in Pure White Carrara Marble – Freehand reproduction, with chisels, of a fragment of the fresco “Visit of Alexander to Diogenes” by P. Puget.

Reception at the Elysée

Reception at Elysee in honor of the winners of the 25th Best Craftsmen in France (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France – MOF) competition.

Saint Mesrop

Return from the foundry to Candide Bronze D’Art for chiseling and patina assembly.

Round table and medal presentation ceremony of the 27th MOF (Best Craftsmen in France) competition

Participation in the Sorbonne amphitheater at the Round Table and medal presentation to the winners of the 27th competition as one of the Best Craftsmen in France.

Love and Resilience

Artwork imagined, produced and proposed, for the Square Gabriel Meynet playground of the Alfortville town hall in 2022 (94th region).

Two children of the world arm in arm, with their ball which represents the earth. A message to parents !

Notable encounters

Arestakes accompanied by Mr. Charles Aznavour during the presentation of the “Monumental Aznavour” sculpture for his 80th birthday (at the backstage of Palais des Congrès after the evening of the General in May 2004)

Adriana’s visit to Aretakes’ workshop.

Arestakes in the company of the 1st Prefect of Île-de-France – senator – Mr. Lucien Lanier. Presentation of the bust of the latter in one of the Senate rooms.

Comedian Jacky Nercissian’s visit to a trade show.

Jean Tibéri ‘s visit, former mayor of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, to the Arestakes gallery (formerly located in rue Domat 75005 Paris).

Arestakes and Mr. Pierre Aubry, mayor of Joinville Le Pont (94340 region) and councilor of Val-de-Marne, alongside the bust of Henri Matisse created by Arestakes during a reception at the town hall of Joinville (94th region).

Arestakes in his workshop (formerly located in Maisons-Alfort 94700) surrounded by Ms. Liliane Louveau, deputy mayor of Maisons-Alfort (94th region), and Gordana Ribey.

Inauguration of “Dreams of Africa” fresco created by the children of the Lacore Moreau kindergarten in Alfortville (94th region) under the direction and participation of Arestakes. With the presence of Mr René Rouquet MP, former mayor of Alfortville 94140.

Mr. Jean-Louis Beaumont, mayor of St Maur des Fossées (94th region), and his deputy mayor Mr. Philippe Bressy during a trade show where Arestakes was preparing to give a demonstration. Arestakes, with Michel Dubré, deputy mayor of St Maur des Fossés.

Arestakes creating the portrait of Maître Osenat, auction commissioner in Fontainebleau (77th region).

Arestakes with Mahyar Monshipour, 6 times world boxing champion in the super bantamweight category, during the creation of an artwork for the “Miles for Peace Association” at Trocadéro in Paris.

Arestakes accompanied by Mr. Laurent Catala, deputy mayor of Créteil (94th region), during the delivery of the latter’s bust.

Arestakes and Mr. Jean-Louis Maître, president of the Chamber of Trades of Val-de-Marne (94th region), and President of AVA (Assurance Vieillesse des Artisans) during the creation of his bust for the opening of the artisans’ fair of art of Saint Maur des Fossés (94th region).

Ms. Bénédicte Charmoille, deputy mayor of Maisons-Alfort (94th region), came to visit Arestakes during the open house of “La Maison Pour Tous” in Maisons-Alfort, where the artist created the bust of Jules Verne in public performance-art.

Arestakes surrounded by the 2 deputy mayors of culture of the cities of Joinville-le-Pont (94340 region) and Maisons-Alfort (94700 region) respectively. Mr. Gérard Outier and Mr. Olivier Capitanio in Arestakes workshop.

Mr. Jean-Marie Poirié, senator and former mayor of Sucy-en-Brie (94 region), came to visit Arestakes during an event for the living farm in Sucy-en-Brie.

Arestakes and Mr. Jacques-Alain Bénisit, deputy mayor of Villiers-sur-Marne (94 region), during an event in Sucy-en-Brie (94 region).