Artist Sculptor

A Performer
Arestakes performs live shows in front of the public, sculpture making, without prior study or knowledge of the subject, in the presence of the selected models or photographs: portrait bust, Nude sculpture, animal statue, castle and logo artwork, trophy, and more.
In the round or low relief artworks, on different supports, such as, clay, chocolate, wax, etc.

Pierre Guergadic

Live sculpture performance: the portrait bust of the late Pierre Guergadic using his photograph, who was creator of the Lorient festival. The bust was delivered in bronze to the festival headquarters.

President of Gras Savoye

Animation and production of chocolate bust of the President of Gras Savoye. Public performance-art for the occasion of the company’s centenary, in Neuilly sur Seine (92th region of outskirts of Paris).

Rabbi Jacob

Creation of the bust of Rabbi Jacob for a wedding occasion taken place at the SFP studio

Master Osenat

Public performance-art: creation of busts during heritage days within the auction house of Master Osenat in Fontainebleau, without prior study (making of busts of Master Osenat and François the 1st).


Live public performance of the creation of several busts of great composers (Beethoven, Mozart and Khachaturian) during the Créteil Craftsmen’s Fair (94th region of outskirts of Paris) without prior study.

APAF Association

Invited by the APAF association. Creation of a bust representing a mother who survived the Armenian genocide, a subject that arose spontaneously during the preparation of the clay for the sculpture making. The performance-art took place on the square in front of the Cathedral of Notre-de Paris. This original work was given to Charles Aznavour that appears during an interview with the latter in April 2009.
Interview with Charles Aznavour- France 2 – 04-19-2009

Miles for Peace Association

During the occasion of the visit of Miles for Peace Association’s, a creation of a spontaneous artwork was performed on the square in front of Trocadéro in Paris. The artwork was offered to the association.

Creation of the Château de Sucy-en-Brie in low relief

Invited to Sucy-en-Brie (94th region in the outskirts of Paris) for live performance-art in public of the town’s castle in Law Relief (clay). The artwork Arestakes created is exhibited in the hall of the castle.

Port à l’Anglais Bridge of Vitry-sur-Seine

Invited to Vitry Sur Seine (94th region of the outskirts of Paris) for the water festival to perform live animation and creation. Spontaneous artwork was produced presenting the Port à l’Anglais Bridge of Vitry Sur Seine/Alfortville (94th region) in High Relief (clay). This artwork is exhibited at the headquarters of the Departmental Tourism Committee in Champigny sur Marne (94th region).

Association of Journalists of Tourism

Invited by the Val de Marne tourism committee, to an evening event of the association of journalists of tourism, at the restaurant “la Guinguette” in Champigny Sur Marne (94th region of the outskirts of Paris), where nearly 80 journalists gathered. Live performance-art in creating a bust (in clay) without having prior knowledge of the subject.

Animation at Fouquet’s summer 2022

Creation of the bust Victoire Finaz, the Chocologist, held in the Fouquet’s salons in Paris. On the occasion of her “new book launch” event.

Performance-art, bust carved from a block of chocolate with a single knife in hand.

Missak Manouchian

Creation of the bust of Missak Manouchian, on the Esplanade du Mont-Valérien location, for the Mont-Valérien memorial in June 2017 under the sun heat reaching to 40°C in shade.

Alain Josse

Creation of the Bust of Alain Josse in 2006, former mayor (SE) of Marolles-en-Brie from 1995 to 2014.

Gala evening of the Criollo Club at the Palais d’Iéna in Paris

Creation of low relief of Madame Benedicte de Chambure in April 2023. Performance-art on hard chocolate using a single knife.

December 2008 – Event at a restaurant in Paris

Creation of a chocolate portrait mask, after drawing lots among the guests on that evening. Performance-art on hard chocolate using a single knife.

11th Intercommunal Artistic Crafts Fair in Villecresnes 94th region outskirts of Paris – October 2009

Portrait of a person chosen randomly from the visitors. Arestakes performed the creation of the bust in public.

Honoré d’Estienne d’Orves

Creation of the bust of Honoré by Estienne d’Orves, on Esplanade du Mont-Valérien location, for the Mont-Valérien memorial in June 2021.

24th MOF (Best Craftsmen in France) Competition 2010

Alexander’s foot in clay, performance-art.